OBGYN visits for early detection

OBGYN visits for early detection

Just Keep Pushing: Three Reasons To Consider A Midwife For An At-Home Birthing Experience

by Dwight Frazier

Being a first-time mother, you want your labor to go as peacefully and smoothly as possible. Midwives have been around since the early 1700s. They have been trained in childbirth and all things pertaining to childbirth. They are also experts on how to make the birthing experience easy on those expectant mothers who are low-risk and expect a very healthy birth. Midwives can deliver your baby whether you are giving birth at home or at the hospital. Below are the top four reasons why connecting with a midwife for your low-risk and healthy delivery is a better option for you.


Midwives know that every woman is different, both physically and emotionally. They believe that the emotional well-being of the mother is just as important as the physical well-being. A midwife will sit and talk with you and listen to your concerns. They will trust in your instincts as well as offer solutions without making you feel like you don't know what you are talking about.

Personal Relationship

Midwives will ask you personal questions that will build the foundation of a personal relationship. For instance, a midwife will be concerned with your every day life. How your partner is doing, how your mother is handling the news of an at-home birth, how your grocery shopping went; these are all seemingly useless questions, but midwives are looking to build that personal relationship with you so that you feel like an important person in their lives and not just another patient.

Constant Caregivers

The job of a midwife doesn't start and end with childbirth. Their job goes above and beyond that. Midwives allow their patients to call them at any time, day or night, for a slew of problems. If you are having an emotional breakdown for no reason other than your hormones are out of whack, you can call your midwife and confide in her what you are feeling and why, even if you don't know. Childbirth is a delicate milestone in life, so you need to be able to count on the person who is aiding in bringing your child into the world. Knowing you can count on your midwife for anything will make the process more comfortable for those involved.

Childbirth is a beautiful experience. You are bringing life into this world and you want to be able to do it with someone you can trust and rely on. If you are considered a low-risk mother and are expecting a healthy birth, choosing a midwife is definitely a great option to consider. They will not only care for your physical well-being, but the emotion well-being of you and your new family. Contact a midwife like George L Stankevych MD for more information.


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OBGYN visits for early detection

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