OBGYN visits for early detection

OBGYN visits for early detection

Health Care While Pregnant

by Dwight Frazier

Staying healthy should be one of the main goals for a patient during the length of their pregnancy, as it is vital for the growing baby. However, sometimes no matter how healthy an expectant person is when it comes to diet and exercise, problems can arise that put the pregnancy at risk. The problems don't necessarily have to be related to someone's health, as it can stem from working too much or stress as well. Fortunately, it is possible to receive prenatal care to ensure that the patient and baby stay healthy and so problems can be detected before they get worse. If you are pregnant and haven't been receiving any prenatal care, it is important to make an appointment with an OBGYN as soon as you are able to do so.

What Happens at an Initial Prenatal Visit?

When you go to a clinic for your first prenatal visit, several things will take place to help the OBGYN come up with the best health care plan for you. It is likely that you will be given a pregnancy test to confirm that you are with child, even if you are already sure that you're pregnant. Several other tests may be performed during your first visit as well, but it depends on which OBGYN you visit. The doctor will also discuss your medical history and any conditions that you may have that you should be concerned about. A check of your vitals will be done to make sure your blood pressure and heart aren't problematic.

How Often Are Prenatal Visits?

At the beginning of a pregnancy, it is common to be scheduled for prenatal checkups every four weeks. After being pregnant for several months, the visits might come a little sooner in between each checkup. When it is nearing the time that labor is expected to take place, visits are often scheduled every one to two weeks until delivery. However, everyone can experience something different during pregnancy that has an impact on how often an OGGYN wants to schedule appointments.

Can an OBGYN Help After Giving Birth?

You should expect an OBGYN to want to see you after you have given birth. Your doctor will basically ask questions in regards to how you are feeling. You will also be examined to make sure things are getting back to normal in your body. If you have to undergo a c-section, staples might have to be removed.

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OBGYN visits for early detection

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